Auto Unlock

Step 1
Install Mobile Partner or Dongle Software

Step 2
After Compleat Instalation, Open Huawei unlock tool
*You Must Close all application related Dongle/Modem

Setp 3
Select Modem Installed Port

Step 4
Click Connect
After Connect, Software show Modem IMEI, Model and Manufacture

Step 5
Click Get This IMEI or Manualy Enter IMEI

Step 6
Click Get unlock Code.
It will generate unlock code for given IMEI

Step 7
Send unlock Code

Now Free to Use your dongle

* You Must Close all application related Dongle/Modem
* If Code not unlock your dongle, Dont try again and again. Because Dongle will block
* You cannot unlock Huawei E220 Using this tool. For E220 Click 'Help And More' > 'Specify Method'
* Some New Dialog Axiata Dongle Cant Unlock normal way. For that, Click 'Help And More' > 'Specify Method'
* Some time requre Other network Sim for Unlock

Generate Unlock Code Only
  • Enter IMEI in IMEI textbox in Unlock Section
  • Click 'Get Unlock Code'

Unlock Using Your Unlock Code
  • Connect Dongle First, and Install Software, Drivers
  • Close all Other Application
  • Connect To Dongle using This Software
  • Enter User Unlock Code in 'Unlock Section'
  • Click Send Unlock Code

How Find Correct Port of Dongle
*Need Install Software (Mobile Partner or other comes with Dongle)

  • Right Click My Computer
  • Goto 'Manage'
  • Click 'Device Manager' in Side Bar
  • Click + Mark infrontof 'Modems'
  • Right Click  'Huawei Mobile Connect - 3G Modem'
  • Select 'Properties'
  • In Properties Windows, Goto 'Modem Tab'
  • There is Port use for Dongle Eg: Port: COM4

Also New Mobile Partner Software, It show Com Port,
Click Tools Menu> Select Diagnostic
In 1st Page Shoe Application Port. U can also use it